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Find yourself puzzled?
Get Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You will be riding around on Prescott or Scottsdale public roads in one of our EZGO S6 golf carts with your PuzzleMaster as driver. You will visit up to five or more locations searching for clues to solve your puzzle! Our carts are equipped with seat belts, and are allowed on roads that go under 35mph. We are a licensed livery vehicle in the State of Arizona, and your PuzzleMaster Driver has completed a full background check. PuzzleMasters are experienced golf cart drivers, who will not only transport you throughout the game, but assist you during the game. Prior to game play, your driver will explain all safety rules and emergency procedures to ensure a safe and fun time by all.

Arrive at our meeting spot ready to play. Wear comfortable clothing, use the restroom prior to your arrival and have your thinking caps on! BRING YOUR READING GLASSES if you need them! Your Puzzle Master Driver will go over safety rules and expectations. Every rider should have signed the online liability waiver form; if they forget, they will be asked to sign one then. PLEASE NOTE: no purses, bags, or food allowed on the ride. There is NO safe storage places on the ride, and your hands will be full of puzzle pieces! Purses, crossbody bags and backpacks get caught on golf carts way too easily – we’ve had people fall due to straps getting caught which is why we no longer allow them. The only exception to brining things along is one small water bottle when it’s hot. Please use the restroom BEFORE you arrive as there are no close public restrooms. The timer will start at your appointed time, so don’t be late! Phones are allowed if they can safely be stowed during ride times.

All of our daytime rides (Hijacked by Science, Wild West Heist, Pirate’s Treasure Adventure, Lost in Time and Copper Canyon Caper) are family friendly and contain no inappropriate material or situations. Ghost Riders does contain references to grisly murders and should be considered rated PG-13. Puzzle Rides is great for families and birthdays! We’d love to have your kids along, but they must be at least 5 years old. Please be aware that groups of 6 or more are split between two carts, and at least one adult must be present per four kids ages 16 and under. Have four little ones and want to ride on one cart? We can accommodate families of six on one cart if one parent and two kids can fit safely on our middle row (which is pretty common if both kids are under the age of 10!) Please contact us before booking to confirm; text or call (602)601-2261 or use our contact form.

Our golf carts hold up to 5 adult passengers plus the driver, and all participants must wear a seat belt. With this in mind, please note that our carts are very small spaces, and larger guests may be uncomfortable. You can book parties of up to 10 online; please note groups of 6 or more are split up between multiple carts. You can chose to all work the same puzzle, or have “dueling carts”: both carts work on the same puzzles and race each other to win!

Have more than 10? We can accommodate larger groups most of the time – but please call us directly at (602)601-2261. Check out our team building activities for groups of 20-100!

Due to Covid-19 precautions, all experiences are private. However, do know it is very difficult to solve our puzzles with just 2-3 people. We recommend 4-5 people for the best chance of solving our puzzles!

What are your Covid-19 precautions? No driver is allowed to drive with any illness symptoms, and must test negative for Covid to return to work after ANY Covid-like symptoms. In addition, being outside – the sun, the wind and UV rays offer additional prevention!

>This is our #1 asked question!! There is no alcohol on the cart, but we DO offer an adults-only pub crawls! We do not provide alcohol, and no alcohol is allowed on the carts, but you are welcome to purchase alcohol at one of the bars we will visit. There’s sixteen participating bars, and your route is chosen by chance!

Service dogs are always welcome. There is no charge to bring the service animal, but we must limit your party size to 4 so that they have their own space on the cart.

All other animals, whether support or a pet are ALSO welcome to tag along, but must sit comfortably on your lap or on the seat next to you. While there is no charge for your companion, please let us know in advance and limit your party size to 4 or 9 so that we have plenty of room. There is very limited space, and we want you and your companions to be safe! Please be aware that we are not responsible for any actions your animal takes while on a ride.

*please note that in Scottsdale, if you have 4 or less people, Bob will bring along his dog Roxie. We really love dogs-so much so you can use Roxie as a coupon code for a discount when you book!

We do our best to accommodate everyone! Participants will need to be able to safely transfer into our cart, but we do not have room to accommodate bringing a wheelchair along. If a wheelchair bound participant can safely transfer, they are welcome to ride along and solve clues as they can from the cart. Please contact us prior to booking if you have questions about or will need accommodations.

Our rides are booked on a very tight time frame throughout the day. It is important that all participants arrive on-time so that we can maintain this schedule for all customers. We will allow for you to arrive up to 10 minutes late IF you call/text to let your Puzzle Master. However, we will have to cut your puzzling time down to accommodate the rides behind you. Rides arriving more than 10 minutes late will have to reschedule, with a $50 rebooking fee accessed.

Puzzle Rides does not offer direct refunds on any ride, but will issue a store credit good for one year should you have to cancel at any time or if weather causes us to postpone due to safety reasons. Puzzle Rides canceled or rescheduled by the customer less than 48 hours before their booking time will be subject to a $50.00 rescheduling fee. Pub Crawls canceled or rescheduled less than 7 days before their booking time will be subject to a $50 rescheduling fee. Puzzle Relays canceled or rescheduled less than 7 days before their booking time will be subject to a $250 rescheduling fee. We plan and staff our rides so our customers have an amazing experience. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of this policy.

If you would like to purchase Enhanced Refund Protection for an additional cost at check out, please read all of our terms and conditions BEFORE purchasing.

The timer is set at 75 minutes for all regular puzzle rides, our premium puzzle rides the timer is set at 90 minutes. Plan to arrive at the meeting location about ten minutes before your ride, and plan on an additional ten minutes at the end of the ride for photos. We will take photos throughout and at the end of the Ride, and send them to you via text to commemorate your escape room/scavenger hunt on wheels!

If it is raining at the time your ride starts:

  • In Prescott, we will give it 15 minutes to stop in the summer; if it doesn’t, we will reschedule your ride.
  • In Scottsdale, we run rain or shine in the summer. Come prepared!
  • In the Winter, we reschedule your ride in both locations. It’s miserable to be cold & wet!

If it begins to rain during your ride in the summer:

  • In Prescott, we will stop the clock and seek safety in the local parking garage. Most summer storms are short, and we will restart the game when it stops!
  • In Scottsdale, we break out the emergency ponchos! These are very thin but will keep the worst off if we have an unexpected shower.

SNOW: If there is snow on the ground, and roads are dry, we will proceed as normal.

If there is snow and wet roads, we will reschedule your ride.

HEAT: If it is over 110 degrees at the time of your ride, we reserve the right to postpone your ride.


We do not offer refunds due to weather, only vouchers for rescheduling.

At this time, we only offer active military discounts.

Please text us directly for more information at


Our group rates are discounted to our lowest rate. That said, we DO have a nonprofit waiting list to be “testers” on our testing runs. Every ride must have test runs, and we offer these at no cost to qualifying nonprofit groups.

Please text us directly for more information at (602) 601-2261

On all rides, children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a paid participating parent or guardian. NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 5 ARE ALLOWED TO RIDE ON THE CARTS PER ARIZONA CAR SEAT LAW.